Trackheadz - From The Beginning EP Vol 2

Trackheadz "Our Music", "Feel" and "His Kingdom" are all very familiar House music classics, but what is not known was the man who was behind all of these dance floor hits. Kaje comes in as the man behind the scenes creating "That Unmistakable Sound" of sweet sultry strings layered with that cutting brass section. Productions that are second to none and are distinguishable in any arena, Kaje aims to raise the bar and does it rather successfully by combining the old with the new.

These tracks on this next EP represent the very beginning of Kaje's journey of driving the Trackheadz brand, starting with Kaje's solo effort "His Kingdom" originally released on Jimpster's Freerange Records. Second on the EP is Kaje's debut in 1999 with his remix of "Take Me 2 Paradise" from Trackheadz Vol 2. Lastly, the EP rounds off with 'Daddy Rich', a disco flavored journey and "Nitekoder"an electro inspired solo effort both from the self entitled Trackheadz album.

All tracks have been remastered for your listening pleasure, please enjoy this very special EP and thank you for all the years of supporting Trackheadz.

Trackheadz Singles

Take Me 2 Paradise - 1999
Cabana - 2000
Our Music - 2002
Remember - 2005

Feel feat Zaki
NRK Sound Division - 2006

His Kingdom
Freerange Records - 2007

Let's Do It Again
Kakophonie Records - 2011

Heaven feat Pauline Henry
Trackheadz Records - 2015

Satisfy My Love
Trackheadz Records - 2016


Ninna Nanna Per Adulti (Trackheadz)
Ennio Morricone
Compost Records - 2003

Let's Be Young (Trackheadz)
Quentin Harris
NRK Sound Division - 2005

Fantasy (Trackheadz Remix)
Shur-i-kan - Future Fantasy EP
Freerange Records - 2006

Like Music (Kaje Trackheadz)
The Jinks Feat. Zodiac
MN2S - 2007

Get Down (Kaje Trackheadz Remix)
Todd Terry All Stars feat. Tara McDonald
Strictly Rhythm - 2008

I'll Be There 4 U (Kaje Trackheadz)
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band
Z Records - 2009

Our Music (Kaje 2013 Remix)
Kakophonie Records - 2013

Always (Trackheadz Mix Re-Issue)
Quentin Harris & Robert Owens
Kakophonie Records - 2014

Albums / EPs

Trackheadz / Self Titled
NRK Sound Division - 2005

From The Beginning Vol 1
Trackheadz Records - 2017

From The Beginning Vol 2
Trackheadz Records - 2017

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